Monday 25 December 2017

Over & Done

Thats the Most Boring Day of the Year over and done with.  Really lost the will to live this week im afraid .
Mr Bah Humbug decided to have his heart stop while at the cardio clinic , so it was all panic stations and admit him to hospital . Much drama then much scratching of heads from the medical people , his heart keeps stopping for no apparent reason but its restarting ,so not to worry?  , they thought he had a valve gone due to his traces , they were all geared up took him up to theatre and found nada.  Much to their bafflement his heart is perfectly healthy , he has virtually no furring in fact hes remarkably healthy for a little fat furry bloke.
They kept asking him if he has chest pain , but as he pointed out hes in pain all the time , so they are going for unstable angina , till they can come up with anything else, but they think it could be linked to his neurological problems . His ribs are still broken so he has chest pain with every movement , they kicked him out with all new drugs and a spray and want him back after xmas ...baffled just baffled
DONT WORRY!!!! well he wont his new pills mean hes tripping and giggly , but im going out of my mind , he musnt have any stress , hes just got to sit there till he goes back to hospital .
There are pluses in our world , we came home to a pair of huge boxes on the doorstep , turned out to be from The New Life Church , someone had nominated us for a Xmas Aid parcel , everything we needed for xmas day even a giant chicken .  We hadnt shopped due to still no funds, 9 months processing ESA and theyre still at it , 6 months for PIP appeal , PIP tribunal in January , though he may have to attend with his heart monitor on !! They will send him with paramedics if hes an in patient at the time , happens quite a lot we gather .
So xmas was quiet , everyone went elsewhere except sarcastic son , who wouldnt leave me on my own with Mr Bah Humbug . I did achieve, i managed to blow up the steamer give myself an electric shock  and blistered my thumb . It made my heart pound a wee bit .
So thats me for the foreseeable , tea lady and heart monitor , i keep checking hes still here .........


  1. I wish I knew what to say to comfort you a bit. There's lots of blog readers thinking of you and sending you their best wishes. X

  2. Tom has unstable Angina ( Among other things). the worse thing is that it strikes without notice but usually goes when he uses his GTN spray.
    I like the sound of those boxes of goodies, bet you were pleased.
    Let's hope that things improve for you all in 2018, after all they can't get much worse can they.

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  4. Like Fishcake I can only wish you well. But please, if I can help please email me privately. Anna

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