Tuesday 9 August 2016


Story of my life at the moment , totally exhausted not sleeping well, hence lacklustre .
Managed a jumble sale at the scout hut on the Birchwood this week , spent a whole £3 filled a huge bag by buying everything in my size whether I liked it or not , went home tried it all on and got a couple of bits that fit and i would maybe be seen dead in . Also another gorgeous rose covered king size bed set , have roses gone out of fashion ? As if fashion has ever mattered to me...lol
Sarcastic Son and I did a car boot sale Sunday , didnt make much but once again we didnt have anything very interesting to sell mainly jumble sale stuff and it will keep me in bread and milk for the week .
Work ..ho hum ..it just gets worse week by week they just keep paying us less and less and wanting more and more , I cant afford the fuel to travel round the county doing the odd job here and there , that they grudgingly want to pay a whole £2 for each , we do not receive any expenses so we are stuffed , this week, they sent me 100 jobs to turn round in 7 days , they do not grasp that Lincolnshire is a very big place and the fact they may pay me in the next 6 months doesnt really help . Started booking work from another company and after booking time into my diary they are now cancelling all the time slots down so theres big unpaid holes in the next few weeks .
Mr Bah Humbug is having a really bad phase with his walking , not quite sure where we go from here , he was told crutches wernt an option due to the pins and plates in his neck . the lady from occupational health suggested a wheelie walker , but he found he couldnt use it due to the lack of feeling in his feet , it made him trip constantly , so shes looking at other options .
Occupational health have said , he needs a property with a shower because our bathrooms to small for  any of the bath lifts available and have blasted a letter off to the Housing department about the lack of any banisters or handrails on our stairs being a major health and safety issue for everyone in the household not just him . Funnily enough it was well over a year ago we asked about handrails and were told tough by the council.
So if im not around much a the moment its just because life is really busy and I need sleep not because i dont enjoy your company . byyeeee


  1. Get some rest bless you. you have so much to bear!

  2. Sorry that things are extra tough at the moment - it must be truly exhausting for you having everything be such a struggle. I hope things turn around a bit soon - get some rest.

  3. You really have been dealt a cr@p hand. I feel for you and can only hope things get better. Why cant you get financial aid when so many others get it? Take care, try and get some rest.

    1. we never claimed in our lives till mr BH was first made redundant 5 years ago after his first operation , he then received jobseekers for 6 months and i worked 60 hours a week till he found another job . He was there 2 years then he was made redundant again , the week before his next operation . This wasnt much of a success and they decided his condition was far more serious than they originally thought and degenerative . Then he thought he would inconveniance us all and have a full on mental breakdown bless him , i had to cut my work hours right back . And the rest has been a shambolic nightmare caused by the change from DLA to PIP and from JSA to Universal Credit .
      Until Universal Credit kicks in and the date has now been put back for the self employed to 2022 we are caught in limbo land