Thursday, 4 August 2016

My Favourite Spot On The Wall

So its been a fun packed return to Lincolnshire , when we got back there was a letter from the Job centre telling Mr Bah humbug that they had ceased his Jobseekers Allowance for not attending an appointment on the 2nd of June , which was really weird as he hasnt heard a thing from them in months because hes on a training scheme . Rang them up and they said that it was right so I ended up talking to them as he was starting to shout . 
So why has it taken you till the 25th of July to send a letter out informing us of this ?

Ive no idea, but you did miss the appointment .

He hasnt had anything to tell him he had an appointment!

Your right we never sent him anything , he will have to do a rapid reclaim online .

Ok we can do that , but its your error and it says we should ask for mandatory reconsideration 

Yes but its quicker to just reclaim online

So Mr Bah Humbug settled down to do the online rapid reclaim online , only to find it wouldnt work unless you lied on that one certain question that it always glitches on , it had also gained another 20 pages  of intrusive questions about other family members , my daughter said they can stuff off , its not as if they actually give you anything . so bless him he just put any old thing , then they sent him a text saying he had an appointment for 10 past 10 today . 

So off we toddled to the realms of Mordor , aka job center . The sun was shining the birds were singing and for the first time ever we managed to get a cripple parking space !!
Managed to get access to the lift , eventually and went to the shiny new jobcenter . 
The lovely lady on reception said your a bit early take a seat and there we sat and sat and sat . Turns out the appointment wasnt till 11.30 . 
Nothing new it was their error yet again , is it bad that they all know him there and kept saying hello .
Anyway it took all of 5 minutes to sort it they just copied and pasted his details back in and backdated it till the second of June . It just pays his National Insurance but that means we get housing benefit .
So thats why im banging my head on the wall , we have to reclaim housing benefit from scratch , it took nearly 6 months and an eviction notice to sort this out last time , so all this stress is caused by a simple data entry error at the Job Center .


  1. It is beyond stupid the way these places carry on isn't it

  2. You should forward this to your MP. Its unbelievable incompetency/ ingrained disorganization/wasteful resources and a lot more besides.

    1. Ingrained disorganisation sums up most of our government services methinks

  3. What stupid, stupid people. I can't believe the incompetence-x-

  4. It beggars belief...what a mess.