Saturday, 27 August 2016

Thrifting , The Great escape

Ive been good on the thrifting front for ages due to lack of funds , time , not knowing where we will be living etc etc .
Then I ..ive spent a whole £2.50 on things that make me happy for a change , after all once i go to prison for benefit fraud  , im sure Mr Bah Humbug will find they jump through hoops to help him , as a poor disabled bloke all alone and helpless , without his under valued carer .
So last week I crept out for an hour to Metheringham car boot and spent a whole £1 on things I dont need .
You may know that I have a vintage jigsaw problem and this is one i havent had before , waddingtons circular a whole 50p for circus loveliness .

Then I bought some vintage Disney flexi discs , quite why I have no idea , I think theyre from the 60s or 70s and when they spin the little pictures on the edges move , plus theyre labelled in Italian  I think? but once again 50p for the three . I thought maybe clocks?

Just to make matters worse I popped in for a Christian cuppa at the bridge and couldnt really leave these behind could I?  My weekend reading, a glossy new £30 book on the Scottish Highlands 50p

Then I found a rescue volume with Zepplins and Bi planes and how good for you radiation is!! 50p

Now this all adds up to £2 wasted  Im just such a rebel!! , the other 50p I will reveal once I can get someone to photograph it for me , i have asked, but its the usual high level response . Meanwhile im indulging in a weekend of domestic servitude , because theres not a stroke of it happening from anyone else and I cant stand it anymore .
Dumb ass question of the day ?
Why are you shaking the toaster outside ?
Because it caught fire, because nobody ever emptied the tray !!!


  1. Oh Kate, you make me laugh, but really it's no laughing matter is it, all the stress from the benefit people.

  2. Sounds a bit like our house....although to give him his due hubby is just preparing a bowl of salad for tea....bless him-x-

  3. It IS the great escape - I lose myself in thrifting and could make a whole day of it, it allowed to.
    Just bought a wonderfully illustrated book on orchids for the grand sum of $2 - my weekend reading.

  4. You deserve a break and some thrifting fun with all the stuff you deal with. Love the vintage circus puzzle! Could the Disney discs be records? Looks like it to me.

    Sorry for all the craziness you go through, but your sharp wit is quite funny.
    Wish I could send you a maid for a day! :)

  5. My sister in law had to attend a tribunal recently and she asked us to let her go by two buses and an uphill walk. She has terrible mobility problems and by the time she got to the office in the big city she was so exhausted she couln't even speak. However, she proved to the tribunal that she really needs the little money she gets and also needed to have a bus pass with companion to help her. I cried at her bravery but admire her spirit. Love your acerbic humour-suits my own style-but you do deserve some bright spots and time to yourself. I would definitely make clocks from those dics-I think they are just the ticket. Catriona

  6. What a spendthrift you are Katie, lol
    Don't like the sound of prison looming, know what its like to be on the receiving end of the social, hope everything goes okay for you.

  7. you sure got some cool goodies! Love the puzzle!

  8. You frivolous devil you. I'll bake you a cake with a file in it when they send you to prison... or maybe you would just enjoy the peace and quiet with three meals a day that someone else has cooked for you. Hang on, I will pack a bag and come with you. :-)

  9. Sounds like a wonderful outing and you got some wonderful finds!!!! I'm jealous!!!