Friday, 29 July 2016

Why Do We Do It

Well ive managed to post a little bit of Runrig but couldnt manage to put it in the actual post , the joys of being a technophobic old biddy im afraid .
Scary times getting Mr BH to and from the castle , he decided that he wouldnt pay £10 for a taxi up to the castle and through sheer stubbornness he climbed every one of those wretched steps by the galleries , he has a lovely set of black toes and he had to sit for 3 hours once he got there just to be able to get on his feet to walk in  , then wouldnt take his drugs because he wanted to enjoy the concert ...MEN.
G4S were doing the very perfunctory security checks and the support act was the Hare Krishnas who turned up for a singalong and boogie with the crowds in the queue , munchkin wanted to join them and is now chanting merrily , its a bit eerie all the crowd chanting along in the shadow of the castle , ive always had a fondness for the Krishnas , they always seem so cheerful , my ex once dragged us to a lunch with them , excellent vegan food and a bit of chanting , just the word free was enough to get him there .
The concert was excellent , wed picked a nice easy to get to seating area , they pointed out theyd played the castle 6 times , it made me feel so old id been there for 5 of those gigs , in fact it was rather like the march of the cripples getting into the gig , were all getting old , the munchkin was shattered he kept dozing off until a track he knew came on then he was up and singing yet again .
Getting Mr BH out of the gig was a nightmare , hed stiffened by then but with the help of some friendly drunks we managed , then discovered he couldnt walk because his ankles had swelled like balloons , daughter came to the rescue with a pedal taxi , which we rammed him and the munchkin in and launched him down hill , told the little taxi lad to park him against a lamp post outside the hotel .
The munchkin is now overjoyed because he was singing his head off and drunks kept giving him money . All and all a great night despite the fact my resident cripple is still in a bit of a state , he may lose a few toe nails , but as he says he cant feel his feet so why worry .
This is about the time he informed me his mate had bought us tickets for a scooter rally this weekend , so ive not unpacked the camping gear and were off again today a wet field in Leicester im informed , havent even got the washing all dry from Edinburgh .
Edinburgh was lovely never seen so many tourists in so many nationalities , it was clean the locals were friendly it doesnt take the piss price wise , super good cheap public transport even on a sunday it turns up on time !!  Park and ride is free and has lots of cctv so your vehicles fine overnight . Would we do it again? , well it depends if any of my stubborn idiot of a other half has a few more bits fall apart bless him . My daughter has mentioned christmas shopping something i dont indulge in , but it may be an excuse for a cheap trip


  1. Glad you had a good time even if it was only a temporary break in the crap life keeps throwing at you.

    1. thanks ...we shant even go into the DWP and there next load of crap we have to go through ...thats for next week

  2. So good to read that you had a good time despite all the difficulties-x-

  3. Thrilled to hear you had a good time despite all the issues. Always nice to have a little break.

  4. I'm originally from Edinburgh so I really empathize with the struggle you must have gone through getting up to the castle - you are a very good wife! So glad that you enjoyed the show. Friends of mine travelled from here in Toronto to Scotland a couple of years ago specifically to go to a Runrig concert - and yes, there was rain - but they loved it. Hope you get a bit of a rest after this weekend.

  5. So pleased you had a good time. a