Tuesday 26 July 2016

Holidays...The Return

Nice to be back ...........no it isnt , I could cheerfully have spent another week languishing in the tent , with Mr Bah Humbug .
We stayed at Thorntonloch just outside Dunbar , I dont think I could have driven any further with my driving instructor beside me ..aka ..Mr Bah Humbug , we managed till the ride home ,I spat my dummy and told him to shut up...lol ..but he has now added a new catchphrase to the family dialogue "cock wombles" this is applied to all Audi drivers and those who cut you up on the A1. Another one of his imaginary swear words conjured up for the enjoyment of the Munchkin .
The campsite was lovely we were tucked into a corner under some trees and apart from a couple of other tents were left in peace , they said they didnt have disabled facilities , but we managed , the showers were a little deadly and needed some proper anti slip matting and there was no  proper steps at a couple of points around the toilet block just big stones . Nice to know the site warden gets up and cleans the toilets at first light , a fellow member of the early risers club i think . Mr BH couldnt do the main path through the dunes so he didnt toddle down to the glorious beach . I think this is the ideal stopping off point if you doing the long journey up to Edinburgh or to the Highlands , quiet and peaceful , very faint traffic noice and the occasional train in the far distance drowned out by the waves when the tide is up . Now for the giggle , theres a huge nuclear power station next door , they dont mention it in all their publicised blurb but you can hardly miss it . MR BH has a field day with endless Homer Simpson jokes , we already knew, but it must come as a bit of a shocker if you turn up and didnt realise till you got there . You cant really see anything for the huge sand dunes and I can vouch for the fact that the huge amount of rabbits do not have glow in the dark green eyes or fangs .
I shall return and blog about the wondrous Edinburgh visit once ive tackled the washing mountain



  1. Nice to hear you had a good time despite the cock wombles.

  2. So so pleased you had a good time! I've been thinking about you all week praying it was all going well. You so so deserve a nice break. xxx

  3. So happy you enjoyed Edinburgh!.:)
    I live here so biased😀
    Couldn,t think of living anywhere else. Adore my City.

  4. Your blog is an absolute joy to read.

  5. Sounds lovely - very relaxing, and holidays like that always make me think it would be lovely to live so uncluttered and carefree all the time.

  6. Ah, but us Scottish cock wombles r a different quality of cock womble. Lol