Monday 6 July 2020

Plague 45

Just as life settles into yet more plague tedium , you get a phone call that pops your little bubble. Its the police.
Young Baldrick has got himself in a spot of bother and spent a night in the cells he can be released but he needs to be at an address away from his partner and the kids , i hasten to add that he has hurt no one , though lets be honest i wouldnt be surprised if he had . So after cutting us off completely Young Baldrick has entered the building yet again . The munchkin has had to be sent home to his mother so im minus my gardner because Baldricks not allowed near children at the moment , now dont jump to conclusions I must admit i did, its a weird tale thats not for me to tell.
But i think that i rattled a few cages with the police when i pointed out that he shouldnt be interviewed alone as a registered vulnerable adult  and that any so called evidence obtained during questioning would be null and void .  He apparently refused a solicitor as well .
Baldricks mum is away looking after a sick friend or he could have gone to hers , shes trying to sort something out to come back , but were hoping this can all be sorted out come Monday once his social worker appears .
As usual hes filthy , stinks of weed and is a skanky mess , so thats this mornings battle , that and stretching the food budget yet again .  Stew anyone
We went to bed last night and Mr BH said .
What the hell will happen to him once were not here to sort his messes out?
My reply of he will end up doing hard time or in Broadmoor eventually didnt go down well , one day he will get himself in serious trouble that i cant resolve its inevitable , his dad cant see we are being played yet again and its tragic .


  1. I know how you feel kate. We had our Grandson live with us for 4 years and it was a nightmare. We ended up having to collect him twice from the cells and mostly due to him taking drugs and getting drunk. What with your other problems I'm sure you don't need any more.
    Of course some people will not understand your predicament but I do.
    When its family you just knuckle down and get on with it don't you.
    Ours was into just about everything he shouldn't have been and was an eye opener for us. Our three were not like that.
    Thankfully he turned a corner and is 30 now and thriving but if he hadn't come to live with us I am convinced he would have ended up living rough.

  2. So sorry this has happened - especially as you and your grandson were having such a great time in the garden.
    I hope things will get resolved and that his mother can get back and take over the responsibility for him. Hang in there.

  3. I do hope he realises how lucky he is that you are helping him and perhaps he could in return help you with the garden or will he go fishing with Mr BH? x

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