Tuesday 7 July 2020

Plague 46

On a lighter note today , did the bread run yesterday because Mr BH decided that today would be family fishing trip day . so it was up early to do the lunch , ive supplied them with lots of stuff out of the bottom of the freezer that was for the xmas buffet that didnt happen due to everyone being ill . Not helped by the fact that some bright spark at the Jobcentre has sent Young Baldrick on a food hygiene course and he is now a world expert . Caught him going through the cupboards looking for anything out of date because his dad is vulnerable and im old , not so old that i cant ram a tin of beans straight up your arse if you dont get out of my kitchen AAArrrgggh .  He has no concept of personnel space and boundaries and hes never going to grow any . Oh and i need to date everything i put in the freezer or it needs to be thrown away, so in protest i found a pack of raspberries three years out of date and made hin crumble for tea ....small victories
Anyway while on the bread run , the lovely elderly lady who works on the tills has returned to Sainsburys , they arent furloughing any staff now , i asked her if she was happy about it ? Yes and No she was bored to death at home and missed the company but is it worth risking your life for a natter?
I think the main thing made noticeable by all the freedom is theres an ever developing gap between the old and the young . The media have made it clear that Covid doesnt apply to the young so theyre all off partying , sadly its noticeable in the press that the stabbings in London are starting again . The middle age seem to be taking a more practical approach wear a mask , wash your hands and get on with life . But the Elderly remain terrified and arent going out masked or not . Covid is far from over , it looks like being a long term feature of life , its also being made clear that Covid is a disease for the poor , if your wealthy you just jet around the world as normal, totally ignoring all scientific evidence because in your fragrant world it doesnt exist its an illness for plebs and your granny.


  1. I think your last paragraph is absolutely spot on. Oh and the out of date revenge raspberry crumble really made me laugh.

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  3. I hate it if anyone bullies me with my untidyness-I can tell if it's done to help or otherwise-the crumble will do him good.My aunt when she was young gave someone who irritated her a bowl of stew with laxative in and apparently he loved it and another whose husband drove her mad cutting his toenails whilst watching tv and apparently she ground them up and put them in his gravy x

  4. I'm over 60 and a nurse, don't have the option of not going in. In fact when this mess started, the only people that showed up for work were the over 60s. The 30somethings couldn't come in because of childcare, sick children, sick relative, etc. One managed to get six weeks off with full pay and nothing taken out of her sick bank!

    It's made a few of my coworkers decide to retire early because we are being worked to the hilt because we never know when the younger ones will decide to self isolate for a week or three.

    1. I think those in Their 50s and 60s have been running the world since lockdown began , every shop you venture into has a queue of grey haired folks doing there elderley neighbours shopping

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