Thursday 2 July 2020

Plague 44

Cloudy and cold this morning so Mr has staggered off fishing with brother in law , they have the wee tents to sit in so should be fine , did a heavy gardening day yesterday so ive decidedly crippled myself today .
 Had one of those strange chats with a mate of many years standing online yesterday.
Do you still need leeks ive a pot full left , can we meet in Lincoln for a cuppa somewhere?
Errrm....well theres no toilets open so it might be at short notice , i have to pick my times to go out , at least with son stuck in since March ive got a sitter . 
We decided to try posting the   I must admit ive reached the age where i dont go anywhere i cant be sure to find the toilets open , so no im not going to be rushing to the pub this weekend .
 Im quite enjoying a gardening summer  with my sidekick , he was hauling away the big lumps of bushes quite happily yesterday then manually chopping it up into little pieces , pissed off that i had to sell the shredder when i was hard up , though evil rumour has it theres one somewhere in the tardis sheds at his father in laws , i live in hope .
Watched Prime Ministers Question Time for some unknown reason yesterday and just sat there with my jaw dropped as the chief baboon stated that the reason that Leicester is being quarantined is that the residents couldnt understand  the governments instructions on Covid  Condescending racist pig pretty much sums him up .  Most of the residents of Leicester may have different skin tones but they are for the most part second and third generation English . What next Tory public health statements in pidgin English ?


  1. Some of our public washrooms have finally reopened - but it still takes some planning when out - so yes, that is a big consideration!
    Glad to hear that you've got such great help in the garden!

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