Monday 3 August 2020

Plague 56

Well isnt this nice , so cold this morning at 5am you would think it was autumn , but i gather we are to expect some serious heat towards the weekend .
My gardening gnome has entered the building , i was wondering how long he was planning on staying as he turned up with a car full of stuff including his favourite pillows , but its just so nice to have the cheeky so and so back , munchkin can help with yet more daft garden projects i have in mind and he can keep Young Baldrick away as he informs me . We did shove my daughter up a ladder to pick plums yesterday , you have to take advantage of whatever labour you can get your hands on these days , we had monster plums ready at the top of the tree where they catch the sun , bear in mind the tree usually produces a few dozen plums this year its glutting , so by the weekend it will be plums with everything , there is also a shortage of wasps this year we usually have at least a couple of nests in the garden need dealing with , theres nothing organic about wasp slaughtering its the big spray can and run method
On the Young Baldrick front i gather there is a case conference today , i would love to be a fly on the wall at that one , i wish the powers that be much luck if hes still taking his medication he may be calming down a little at which point he will think hes cured and stop taking his medication , but because hes an adult we can make no imput .  I did ask Mr BH if hed heard from him because someone was causing huge traffic problems yesterday evening trying to jump off the flyover in Lincoln . Still getting Amazon parcels for him from Aunty Moneybags so we will have to meet him at some stage , hes never grateful for what she gets him so i dont see why she bothers. i scrubbed the sofa bed when he left i just couldnt get rid of the smell of sweaty male ,but now i need to scrounge a couple of new to me sofa cushions from somewhere as they are disintegrating


  1. So glad your gnome is back and YB isn't! Really happy to hear things are improving for you :)

  2. Yay a house full of loving people who are good for you.

  3. Lucky you, having plum trees laden with fruit. I hope you've been putting your feet up.

  4. I'm so pleased your cheeky monkey has come to the rescue at last x