Sunday 23 August 2020

Plague 61

 So in an effort to be prepared ive been busy ordering seeds and other garden essentials , I do like More Veg  they sell seeds in realistic quantities , not packs of 5000 ,  they also do a good range of collections where you get 3 different small packs of different varieties , ideal if theres only two of you , or you dont have acres of land to fill , this year ive managed to snap the garden rake but it was a cheap one and at least 10 years old , so ive ordered the same cheap one again . Then the Hoe broke at least 20 years old it hadnt been new when my dad gave me it . This annoyed me you cant buy a hoe with an sharp edge on it for health and safety reasons  Really, have you seen people being murdered in the streets with hoes? so then you have to order a hoe sharpener that claims to be a miracle invention but is going to take weeks to sharpen the damned thing ...aaarrrgggghhhhh  It would be easier if i was allowed into the big shed to use the grinder but its like Fort Knox and he hides the keys since grandad died . Son says you cant even get through the door anymore he fetched so much stuff home . Saving up for 2 new propagator tops because nobody dropped something on top of them . culprits likely to be one of the boys dropping a sack of fishing bait on them .

We paid a fleeting visit to nice son to drop a load of tinned stuff that he had delivered to our address , he was telling me that the girlfriend has had to go because she was to much like a creepy stalker , constant phone calls and texts it was doing his head in  younger generation problems . Hes seen sense and isnt taking Young Baldrick in , in fact hes hiding from him , nice sons flat is well hidden away , you wouldnt know it was there. Baldrick met us in a car park to collect his post , he didnt speak to me in fact i got the death stare . None to happy when his dad told him hes not moving back in here even when the munchkin has gone , get the feeling he wants rid of me as im buggering up his plans . Keeps telling his dad how much better of he would be if Baldrick was his carer ...ho hum 


  1. Our youngest son has the same girlfriend problem. She's been nicknamed the Klingon by the family. Multiple phone calls and texts every day. She wants to move in with him (he's employed and owns his own home). They've been going out all of four months. He's trying to figure out how to get out of the relationship

  2. Loved this post, so cheery on the gardening front and then the bit about the girlfriend made me smirk as we have one like this suffocating my younger son, constant calls and texts, at night his phone is like a window into our home as she is on there watching us and monitoring him and when queried he says he likes this obssesive intrusion, and quite often i forget she is 'there' when in full bollocking mode and wonder if shes recording everything! We had to put visiting times in place as ours just doesnt know when its time to go home at the weekend, comment above is brilliant, the klingon grip is what we have here too.