Saturday, 30 November 2019

Hello and Welcome

Sadly no election Special this week due to lack of interest , nothing happening other than them all pointing fingers to one another etc etc , not a leaflet or a candidate have we seen .  I did get my hopes up the other day when two nice well dressed ladies came to the door , but it was only the Jehovah's Witnesses.
Ive had some kind well meaning troll add me to a porn webcam site in the USA , does show how a lot of folks in the USA spent Thanksgiving , so to all those baffled Americans now visiting, guess what the only look at my pussy you will get here is the cat . Thankyou for upping my viewing figures into their ...if you too have had a big jump in viewers just check the referring websites in overview.
Then theres the small flooding problem we have a mile up the road . By Thursday afternoon we realised there was going to be a breach somewhere , there were Environment agency  helicopters hovering over the main river all afternoon and the water had risen several feet to the very tops of the banks , depending on the tides the big sluices drain into the sea . It was a game of wait and see , fortunately they managed to do this just fine , but this meant they had to hold the water in the land drains and overnight the nearest one to us breached , nothing anyone can do about this , its just the nature of living in a swamp , its flooded the farm and one other house , it wont harm the farmland its covered in manure crops waiting to be ploughed in during the spring , sometimes we are very glad we are 12 feet above sea level and live on the clay riverbank above the drained land . The huge flocks of swans and geese are loving it


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