Tuesday, 19 November 2019


Some things get my goat up , stereotyping is one of them . Calling blokes Gammons for their bigoted narrow minded views is one of them , tarring  all blokes of a certain age with a skinhead and a copy of the Sun with the same label etc etc etc
BUT  yesterday Mr Bah Humbug was doing his usual earwig other people on the radio , not paying a lot of attention as he snoozes on and off .  I was engaged in a crochet project sat in the sunshine and got listening to a pair of muppets on his radio it was enlightening to say the least . They were discussing recent events in Boston

Theres been another stabbing in Boston .

Yes i heard it on the news , bet theyre foreigners once they give out the names , it always is . Funny isnt it , they only kill each other .

Nobody ever mentions the death rate in Boston on the news , bets its cos theyre glad to be rid of a few more of the buggers .

That new asian girl will soon have them all on a plane back to where they came from , the asians dont like sharing the country with other foreigners .

Then they can get all the idlers out of the council houses and make them work on the land

 Now this whole rant went on for another 45 minutes till they went for a cuppa ,these are the nicer highlights , i know both of these pillocks, both are severely disabled , one is ex RAF the other a teacher .
 The only element of truth in the whole rant is the fact that the vast majority of serious violent crime in Lincolnshire is mainly Eastern European based , usually when drinking  or  involving domestic violence.
So it would appear you dont have to be a semi literate Sun reader to be a Gammon....who knew 


  1. I am aware of the Eastern European crime statistics, you only have to watch some of these police camera action programs to know that many are caught up in disturbances, or drive without insurance, drive cars unroad worthy etc I used to have to arrest them when they came back to the UK having skipped the court case etc.

    1. the domestic violence aspects are really horrifying , nobody seems to give a monkeys because they are foreigners . But the girls come here and they are totally socially isolated by their partners ive seen some horrific stuff

  2. I wondered what you were on about then. Made me laugh when you said the new Asian girl. Yes, I hope she sorts them out.

  3. This is racist. You should be very careful about what you write.