Thursday, 28 January 2021

Plague 97

 Well this looks like a lovely day , the rain is gushing over the gutters already and the moat is rising , i have to pop to the doctors today and the post office to deposit a cheque ive had for months , ive been awaiting paying in slips for 3 months they turned up the other day . Our post has been hit and miss for a while but they are very short staffed due to Covid , the next council to us has had to cease bin collections due to all the binmen either having Covid  or being told to isolate . Theres been a whole local thread moaning that the dog poo bins are overflowing , dont think thats a hard work round is it ?  Take your turds home with you folks .  Due to the bad weather our little lane is currently dog walking central its the only lane in the village that actually has a proper path away from the road so your not drenched by passing vehicles , theres gangs of folks out there from dawn till dusk all having a social event and a chat , not a single bit of social distancing going on they travel in packs 

On a good news front Mr BH does not have cancer this year , in fact he has suggested they fit a webcam up his orifices to save them wandering round inside him every year . They have however found something else but they have taken him off the cancer pathway and he goes back onto the normal consultant visits that have months of waiting time at the moment , hes got a whole sheet of glossy colour snaps of his insides that hes very impressed with . I have visions of him having them mounted as key fobs and fridge magnets for the kids and me .  Personally i think a tshirt with his entrails on for his birthday sounds good 


  1. I remember when I was a kid we had a road with no houses on one side and people used to take their dogs there to do the business, it was like tap dancing to get up the road,trying to dodge the piles, lol At least now its in a plastic bag. lol Thanks for your concern over me not blogging, just had a bit of a break.

  2. Do you remember saying where will we be when you get to plague post 100 and I said I hope you dont get to 100 and here we nearly are, same old same old.
    Happy days!

  3. people drive down our dead end road and open the car door, out rushes the dog - straight up the footpath between our houses and into the woods for a dump, the dump sits steaming and the dog returns to his car, they drive into the sunset... we have a dog poo bin 20 feet into the woods and all we have to do is train the owners to use it - I always think some day I will collect that turd, follow the dog owner and deposit it on their doorstep, ring the bell and say 'you left something behind'

  4. During the first lockdown we noticed our normal extremely quiet farmland walk behind our home turned into the M25. With all the new visitors leaving their dogs crap behind or flinging the black poo bag into the bushes. Some people shouldn't have pets or children.