Thursday, 7 January 2021

Plague 91

 Still struggling with positivity , so i have to drag himself off for his Covid test today and thereafter he must isolate totally for 18 days so essentially i have to isolate as well this is just the first battery of stuff they are going to try on him . So i had to go into Lincoln yesterday to get all the stuff he needs at least theres not a Bovril shortage at the moment . Tesco was fairly busy it seemed to be mainly blokes buying pot noodles and slabs of beer . Everything seemed fairly well stocked , theres no shortages of bog roll anywhere though i had to go to 3 supermarkets to get his Lucrozade and of all things Jelly with sugar in it . he has to be on no solids but high sugar for a week . None of this is stuff we would normally have in hence the shopping expedition .

On the real world front . America what the hell? baffled just baffled . i cant even begin to understand . Meanwhile here we have the government trying to bring in legislation so they can section you for not having a vaccine WTF . The glorious idiocy of not actually having a fully functioning antibody test to see who doesnt need the bleedin vaccine baffles me as well , loads of people have nothing more than a sniffle with this virus . Wouldnt you think that testing people for antibodies would be a better way out of lockdown ? If you look at the figures for cases you realise that millions have already had it and have some immunity , i know there are multiple strains , but the science is just baffling and we have a government who totally disregard their own advice and are incapable of telling the truth .

We do however seem to have got rid of most of the tourists locally , though a friend did point out that those who summer here in their chalets then pop off to the sun for the winter are having problems , for many these are not just second homes they retire here and they have to be out of the property for a certain number of weeks as part of their tenancy agreements . I think it just depends on how the local council decides to handle this , local councils can make some odd decisions at times  

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