Saturday 18 January 2020

Be Glad When Its Done

January is just dragging its feet endlessly , though it looks like it may be fit to go outside today if i can escape from Mr Bah Humbug , ive lost the days of the week altogether and the diary hasnt a single thing in it,  unusual for there to be no appointments for Drs and hospitals for himself .
Im drawing up the spring list for budget stuff i need to find secondhand , theres some large stuff this time we need a new bed or beds if i have my way , our bedroom is quite wide and we could get a double and single bed in their easily which would make life so much easier , but getting him to listen is hard work plus my £60 a week doesnt go far .
This is a bleak time of year financially , the car needs an MOT and its insurance is due , we have to pay this as one lump sum as we have learned the hard way not to pay monthly due to the DWP wars in 2017 . The penalties you incur on defaulting on a monthly direct debit are horrendous and our income isnt secure, if your disabled on the new system it never is, but because we live in the wilderness we have to have transport , theres no bus service no taxis no anything here. Ambulance transport for himself is notoriously bad in this area .  Its made very clear by our GPS that they dont do any home visits these days , last time he broke some ribs i did ask and they said he must use call connect the little buses you must order weeks in advance but he cant get on and off them . I ended up with a nurse call which was great she  showed me how to listen to his chest to see if the ribs popping had done any lung damage and explained at what point to just call an ambulance . But then told me the ambulance would probably be between 2 hours and 5 hours because broken bones are not an emergency. Theres been a bit of scandal locally about this as theres been a lot of elderly who have fallen and had to wait hours , they do get a paramedic out to them quite fast but getting them to hospital is a problem as all the ambulances are parked outside A&E  unable to drop their patients off because its full to capacity . We have a 500 bed general hospital that covers a vast area and a tiny A&E they are constantly throwing up more and more houses here but they never increase the bed capacity of the hospital . Nothing new from a UK government point of view


  1. My son is a firefighter and they will often load the people they've rescued from a fire on the the fire engine and transport them to hospital as they know the person won't survive a long wait.

  2. It feels like a very long time since my husband was paid in December. He works at the local hospital, and there are regularly queues of ambulances and corridors full of patients.

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