Sunday, 12 January 2020

Glorious Sunday

Looking out the window at glorious sunshine with a big black cloud to the left , gorgeous contrast , so much prettier than the endless grey murk we have seemed to have for weeks . The cats playing peek a boo from the outside windowsill just to add more muddy footprints to the window .  Overslept this morning so im in the dog house , Mr Grumpy is sat there with a face like hes chewed a wasp , he had managed to get himself to the throne and ended up stuck there shouting for assistance and i didnt hear him "for hours"  the cat did eventually come and wake me  I hardly think hed been there for hours .
He wanted to go to sand racing at Mablethorpe today but due to the tides it was starting at 5am so ive ruined his day , im such a failure as a carer . Its going to be a long sour Sunday im sure , in fact he may sulk for days .  Theres a table top sale in the next town that we would have called in on the way back , so that has gone out of the window as well . so if it stays nice and sunny i may have a potter in the garden out of the way . If its bleedin freezing out their , i may retreat upstairs to sort through a huge pile of stuff daughter dropped off yesterday for me to sort through . Clothes etc , im turning into the family recycling center , bras to the bra charity . Stuff thats fit to car boot in the Spring pile anything that can be repurposed in another pile , things that need just a button or a stitch to the mending pile . Ive a big pile of single sheets that can be turned into king size i remember how to do flat seams from school an awful lot of years ago , plus other half tears sheets beyond repair when he nightmares. So im sure i can manage to be productive somehow .

I will apologise to those whose comments have been lost , while trying to remove a spam robot that was going to make me millions from various perversions it eradicated months if not years of comments on posts , fortunately not those from the last couple of days and it seems to be fine now . Blogger has done this once before annoying but not the end of the world .   In an update the comments have returned after 2 days minus mr pervert !


  1. That brings back memories, doing flat seams. I was always turning the sheets side to middle when the kids were young and we didn't have money for new sheets.

  2. I can remember making a nightie at secondary school which had to have machine fell seams (flat). It was explained that this irradiated any rough seams while sleeping.

  3. I discovered details of two Jumble sales coming up in the next few weeks so I'm happy!

  4. 5am are you joking it's still dark then , I have enough trouble getting up at eight for aquarobics, most days I roll out of bed about 9.30 lol .

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