Sunday, 17 January 2016

First thrift Buy of 2016

Toddled to an auction with my daughter the other day and we bought nada , nothing . There were tons of stuff going for little to nothing and the auctioneer did say theres going to be a cold snap so the dying season is upon us , cheery chappy isnt he?  Next thing you know David Bowie had gone and taken Alan Rickman with him , somehow I dont think there goods and chattels will be going through Trevs auction room .
So heres the big unveil of the first thrift purchase of 2016 !!!

yes I spent the last 50p in my purse on a jug , a very nice jug that i thought looked very wintery , it just looked odd stood sad and lonely among a big batch of denby and stoneware that the Bridge Community Venue has in at the moment , it was signed but not legible , turns out to be Glynnware by Denby made from 1948 to 1958 , not popular so they sell on ebay for a whole £5 . I had planned to photograph it looking cute in the overnight snow we were forecast ,that seems to be missing from this village . So it got photographed in the planter beside the front door , posing with a lonely casserole lid and plate that never made it to the bin .
Then buddha butted in and wanted his photo taken as well , yes I did use a redundent megablocks truck to plant him and a couple of strawberry plants in . Why ever not ?

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