Tuesday 29 December 2015

The Last Thrift

Of 2015 that is !!
 I dont do resolutions and i cant afford to give up thrifting ..lol
Twas the week before xmas and i popped into the Bridge Community Venue and what was sat there looking sad and lonely for £2 ?  plus a gorgeous metre of retro fabric for a whole 10p

 A tatty huge 3 drawer DMC storage unit needs a revamp methinks, ive thought about it all through xmas and not a single inspiration has struck , total mental blank probably caused by the fact that the entire house is now infested with Minions , mugs ,clothing, cuddly toys every which way you turn , theres even a Santa minion on the top of the xmas tree . Nothing to do with me , but the big kids have problems I think .
I had my xmas highlight last night , Mr Bah humbug took me to the movies , Star Wars filled with geeky people and far better than the hype , even though i cried , shant tell you why wouldnt want to spoil it . But we went to the Kinema in the Woods a totally weird  experience its a complete 1920s cinema , with an organ that appears during the interval , it was a bit surreal  the organist seemed to be enjoying himself a little too much I expected him to turn round and be Vincent Price , it was great but all very creepy why this has never been used as a movie set i dont know , its made for horror . The car park is next to the derelict spa buildings and theres a huge creepy woodland surrounding it

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