Saturday 12 December 2015

Thank Heavens the Turkey is Paid For

Just when I could do without more bad news , I got my wage slip for the xmas pay packet, £85 for the month, bear in mind ive been working full time for the last few weeks so ive used over £100 just for fuel !!! I really need to find a better job but in the year ive been trying the single reply ive received has been a con trick . I know they will pay me eventually but this is just ridiculous , nearly as good as last year when they sent out the pay slips the day they closed for the xmas holidays, then the money didnt appear in the bank on pay day . All I can do is turn off my phone so that good old HSBC isnt ringing me 6 times a day from India all through xmas , so thats the plan once we break up for xmas.
Just to make matters even better we have had a pukey child week , he distinguished himself by projectile vomiting over the back of his grandads van , something im quite sure he will never hear the last of . lol

Havent xmas shopped , the turkey was bought a fortnight ago so thats it , shopping is now banned theres enough food on the premises to last well into January though doubtless there will be much moaning and gripping from the other inhabitants , if it bothers them that much they can always go shopping cant they ? he he he

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