Saturday, 19 December 2015

Welcome to the Snot Factory

Yes in this wonderful xmas season , whats my gift from Santa? you guessed it , yards of snot , dreadful virus type , hot cold , hot cold , running with sweat . Tons of work to catch up with now and only 2 working days to do it in...AARRGGGHHH .  House that resembles something that the tenants ran away from , dont even get me on the subject of the washing machine!!!!
On second thought lets go there .
Do not panic after the fourth flood in two weeks , the smell of mould in the kitchen is starting to fade and you dont have to wear wellies all the time anymore .Me and Mr Bah Humbug  had THE CONVERSATION
 Im sorry I think the washer may be terminal

Well we cant afford a new one

Let me sleep on it .

next morning...dont get angry about this it may work.
watch in horror as they drag a disc cutter and various power tools into the kitchen . look on in more horror as the sons appear with a fire extinguisher . At this point decide to go out for a walk , its the best way .
Come home to a very odd smell and them all sat having a cuppa .
It should be OK in a couple of days

Why is it laid on its side with a gaping hole cut in it ?

We fixed it , there was a hole in the side of the drum thats where the water leaked and blew the pump , so instead of taking it apart i cut an inspection hole in through the side with the big cutter , dont worry you will now have an nice hatch with meccanno fastenings , you wont see it once its back under the worktop .

OK, whats the strange smell

Thats the fixing compound i used to put the patch in the drum , dont worry they use it to fix drainage tanks on lorries .

So Mr Bah Humbug is now the god of washing machine fixers , it rattles and looks odd but doesnt leak and works just fine , if i get another 6 months out of it things may have improved

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