Friday 4 December 2015

Thank ???? Its Friday

Yeah , the end is nigh or words to that effect . Work is drawing to a close , so things are still somewhat hectic . Munchkin duties yet again, his mothers off on tour , London this time methinks , enabling her inner xmas lemming ?
What do I get to put me in the xmas spirit ? you guessed it a washer flood . The pump got bunged and it spewed its giblets all over the kitchen floor , this is not the point to find out that the carpet tiles cant be lifted , so we had 4 days of wearing wellies while it dried, sometimes concrete floors are a good thing , a new pump later it was back in action , but being a bunch of muppets they didnt level it and it shook another hose off on its first spin , kitchen flooded again , still wearing wellies . They assure me its fine now but im not trying it till theyre all home and can mop up the mess yet again .
Have I done a single xmas related thing yet? Well we bought a cheap turkey and chucked it in the freezer thats that , hopefully i will get paid this week so i can buy a few extra food goodies , but we are well stocked up because last year was such a shocker . Present wise ive bought nothing , ive pointed out to them all that it took me 3 months to save up for a pack of knickers , they really dont grasp that every penny i get goes on bills. No ebay this year to give me pocket money i'm afraid , i did venture to a bigger post office last week .

Could you tell me whats in the parcel

Its a camera

You will have to unpackage it so that i can inspect it

You what!!!

It may contain batteries

Its a USB camera

I still need to inspect it , it cant go on a plane unless we inspect it

A plane to Nottingham , the post office is getting very hi tech ( for those not in the UK its 40 miles away )

Oh.....It doesnt have what it contains written on the packaging

Should I put camera on it so the temporary xmas staff find it easier to steal ?
I'd better make that recorded delivery then and could i have a claim form now?

By the time i left i got a slow handclap from the queue , all that to send one parcel 40 miles , then people wonder why i dont ebay in the run up to xmas

I feel sort of excluded from what is going on around me , theyre all whispering and the parcel vans keep dropping stuff off , but im sneaking off to an auction viewing this afternoon on the grounds of i need the social interaction . Ive just found my camera , so at least i may get a few interesting pictures

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