Tuesday 24 November 2015

I will blog again!!

Sorry ive not been around more , im currently drowning in real world problems . Work has taken its usual all or nothing spin , Mr Bah Humbug has been having a pretty bad time , they tweaked his medications and hes been struggling to stay on his feet plus mentally hes all over the place . Getting much sense out of him at the moment is a problem, then he got carried away on ebay bought himself a huge radio aerial without thinking about the fact we would have to drive a hundred miles to fetch it with the window open and a great big javelin hanging out of the van window , in snow and gales . Yes I know it cost peanuts , but i nearly died of hypothermia fetching it , so ive been hobbling round since .
Daughter has gone on holiday to Iceland, she figured it would be pretty safe , they dont seem to try to steal other peoples oil and they havent bombed anyone else in the world , so ive had the munchkin full time , hes not been too bad, a bit of lip thats all . Sometimes its easier when he has no court of appeal , he knows i mean business if i have to raise my voice .
In fact , this week has been so hellish that ive been up since three catching up on emails and invoicing , so I thought i'd just pop in and say hello , normal service will resume once ive knitted a turkey in my lunch hour . Life is so bad ive not managed a single thrift shop at all this week ...i need therapy

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