Thursday 19 November 2015

Xmas Ideas From Mrs Humbug

Well being as xmas is cancelled yet again due to another stunning foul up by the benefits system , which i shant bore you with today . I was hunting round the net for something a little alternative for xmas gift ideas and came up with these web sites

Even the not very crafty could tackle most of these , and i would imagine the wendy house tablecloth could keep small people quiet for hours . Remember there is nothing wrong with using £1 shop wool for these items , it washes well . Wool snobbery is becoming an art form , if your not knitting with organic yak wool your a failure i know , but hey its xmas and stuff needs to be chucked in the washer.
Theres thousands of free patterns out there , loads of free tutorials on youtube  . waste a couple of quid at the £1 shop you may surprise yourself .

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