Monday 9 November 2015

Benefit Land Youth Unemployment

So lets have a small Monday rant , now i have 3 sons and stepsons who all belong to the army of unemployed youths between the ages of 19 & 22
It goes a little like this ..mine
Bad acne , bad posture , grinning idiot . Has a GCSE in cookery and lots of certificates from the college cock up he took part in . 
No the army wont take him, he tried , failed the medical , should never have played rugby at school , damaged crucified ligament or something of the sort .
So on leaving school he wants to join the building trade , they stick him on a welding course , he does a year passes the course, cant get a place on the second year not enough places .
Then they offer him plastering , which he loved did a year passed the course comes the second year theyve altered the goal posts he cant reapply, hes now to old because he had to do welding and he would need to go as an apprentice . He tried, we tried, no apprenticeship so he had to sign on for JSA
This farce has now gone on forever , Saturday he received yet another sanction letter for none attendance at a meeting that he attended , this is the second time in less than 3 months and they were sanctioning him till February ..FFS he was there , the agency said he was there, the DWP in that other dimension in which they exist says he wasnt there , bless him he was an hour on the phone till they found the missing attendance sheet  and agreed not to sanction him . The point of this rant is that every week he receives umpteen letters to attend umpteen useless meetings here there and everywhere they always arrive the day after the meeting because they are posted the day before by second class business post . Hes constantly threatened with sanction , its fortunate that hes far from thick and quite articulate . Hes now attended at least 5 how to write a CV courses , done a months unpaid work at Poundland a form of modern slavery for which they should be prosecuted . Went to work at the pork factory , which he loved , but that also turned out to be partially unpaid , because the agency he went to work for were bleedin useless and didnt pay him for half the shifts he worked , hes still arguing that one .  Hes just got a couple of NVQs in customer services in fact hes a whole file of useless qualifications , people want the experienced not the young. Being at the other end of age discrimination , I can really empathise with the poor sod . 
He just wants a boring grunt job hed turn up on time every day , makes a decent cuppa and hed never cause an ounce of bother . As one agency told him. hes just not pretty enough to get a job , believe me ive been there !!

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