Monday 2 November 2015

Diary of a Lax Blogger

I havent run off , just been a busy bee real work wise for the last few weeks . Day off today and what am i doing ?  sorting out a huge garden sack full of stuff out for the charity shop ,there would be a whole lot more going but Mr Bah Humbug being home all the time does cramp my style somewhat in the getting rid of stuff way . I have hidden a whole bunch of tee shirts of his that hes been bought in the last 10 years and never worn at the bottom of the sack, what i would really like is to chuck the two drawers of jeans he isnt going to fit back into this millenium away . But i have stolen some to make him a new car seat cover after i killed his in the washer .
Thrift wise ive managed a single trip to the Tabernacle in Grimsby on Saturday morning , to be greeted by a grinning little old lady "ive saved this for you " surprisingly I was quite chuffed , having wanted one as a child , ive gained a folding tartan zip up suitcase . Even better inside was a couple of faded tablecloths , so i think this is destined to become , decorative table cloth storage . Thats my excuse for keeping it anyway .

In a shocking announcement Coxs Chippy is no more !! this place featured in my childhood Saturdays back in the 60s  my mum worked on the chicken stall on a Saturday in Freeman Street Market for years . The event was fish and chips sat outside being dive bombed by pigeons and seagulls . It used to be packed, everybody would go in their work clothes stinking of fish . Granny would go for sit down fish and chips bread and butter and a pot of tea inside , all oil cloth table cloths and thick with fag smoke . There used to be an old biddy sat on a stool by the door grabbing the money as you left . Its being sliding into decline for a good few years , mainly because at nights it wouldnt be safe to open round there sadly , its fine if a bit run down in daylight . I have to say The Pea Bung over the road has celebrated by putting his prices up . So a sad day in Grimsby history has come , no more liver and chips , RIP Coxs .

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