Thursday, 12 November 2015

Weather its November?

Weird weather isnt it , today ive had to get my teen slave to drag out the mover and cut the grass before it got to knee high , but saying that ive got tons of washing dried and have had the doors and windows wide open all day . Went into town in search of the Munchkins birthday present and the xmas lemming fest has begun , went into George and they were queuing with trolleys heaped high with toys . What do you get for the small boy who has everything , Minion bedding of course !! i will Minionise his bedroom tomorrow while hes at school .

In the real world ive spent a whole 25p in the thrift shops on something gorgeous but useless , I thought this octagonal vase had had decorative tape stuck to it, I think they did too  . But it turned out to be a 1920s Crown Ducal roses design . Pretty but im not sure where i can hide it
Also Ive got a little runners up prize from Random house , the latest Lee Childs Jack Reacher audio book , first prize in months , maybe its the start of a winning streak ?

The garden is suffering from severe confusion ive Roses coming in to flower and the rhubarb is sprouting again . Its supposed to turn colder next week , we shall see .

On a slightly more positive note i will toddle off and do more domestic servitude , cook kedgeree for tea and get on with inane facebook games and a couple of good murders from the thrift shop and a wee bit of quilting .

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