Monday 24 July 2023

Wander In

 ive not abandoned blogging just feeling im boring people to death at the moment, life is very boring and pedestrian at the moment with just a couple of highlights ,  we went to Wheating Steam Rally , havent been since before Covid , i did a big picnic and we took useful son because i cant unload his buggy even if he kicks up a stink and steam engines are his thing . We got rain showers and blinding sunshine but as usual little thought is given to me i was on my feet for 8 hours and spent 3 days barely able to move

Then i had a big birthday and they proved they know me well , no spa days , no flowers no balloons. Himself insisted we went out for dinner then was baffled that all i wanted was a giant battered fish from the chippy , i knew it would make me ill but it was worth it . Daughter kidnapped me the following day and made me go charity shopping and to the garden center . I managed to get a couple of 50p books from Tesco and  a selection of dead plants from the garden center . Then as a surprise i got to meet up with a friend i havent seen in the flesh for 8 years , we went for a bar meal and because it was tea time it was virtually empty .  

My big presents consisted as a mini chain saw and a dehydrator and tons of chocolate . So no fuss , i was so glad , i had planned to run away if they did the normal birthday stuff , im just not into crowds or fuss . Now they are gutted that im not out there with a chainsaw and dehydrating myself into a coma , but the monsoon season has arrived so not a lot i can do about that  


  1. You are never boring! I don't always agree with you but your's is one of my favourite blogs. I enjoy your outlook on life.

  2. Wishing you a happy birthday year - I love your outlook - and your alternative positivity on life - and I think the gifts are great x

  3. Very best wishes for your big birthday year! Always good to get new tools. They will get used in good time. Take care. Barb

  4. Happy Birthday! Always best to get what YOU want.