Sunday 30 July 2023

Checking Out

 im seeing lots of people on about folks checking out , nothing creepy just people refusing to accept that life is crap , blindly doing stuff that fits the norm despite nothing being particularly normal since Covid . If you live rurally our big problem is lack of access to cash . The cash machines are empty most of the time , we are a tourist area and this month and next are the worst, the population explodes with holidaymakers , access to local shops is virtually impossible and the little coops and sainsbury locals cant fill the shelves fast enough so the shops are frequently pretty sparse , so you have to online shop and a lot of shops dont deliver rurally or they dont deliver half your order . Plus having everything delivered carries a premium like it or not . 

Since Covid everything is being turned into holiday cottages , new builds are all huge, filled with a couple of  retirees from London wondering why the locals are a wee bit peeved at their wonderful eco homes, their Tesla Betamax and their urge to moan about the smell of shit and the constant plane noise. It never ceases to amaze me that people move here who think that a couple of major air bases either side of you arent noisy, usually during the week , day and night . We get the Battle of Britain Flight trundling about and the red arrows practicing  as well , we think nothing of it , you just go to bed with earplugs , theirs a website tells you when theyre night flying , except when its something urgent . Ive long faced the fact im a misfit , i can go days without glancing at my phone , without feeling the urge to shop , i can erase 400 emails without even glancing at them then go out and hoe the garden which is my plan very shortly.  

This business with my mother and elder care has opened my eyes to the horrors of being made to socialise and conform , my mother was miserable drunk and antisocial long before she went totally batty , her social workers insistence that she needs to be forced to comply with their ideals of little old ladies gratefully sitting in a circle enjoying visiting war time sing along folks baffles me , individualism isnt allowed in elder care even very expensive elder care, 

Dont live long enough to need care should be everyones motto   


  1. I know my husband would be deliriously happy for the chance to see the BOB Memorial Flight close up and often!
    As for the Red Arrows practising, he'd have his eyes forever trained skyward!!!
    I don't understand why anyone would move to the countryside and want to change it, surely the whole reason for moving there is because it's not sterile and heartless like big cities! X

    1. other half has all the you tube channels devoted to plane spotting and tells me all day long what everything

  2. I will take heed of your last sentence. If I end up in a home they can lock me into my room, give me a computer, and I need never join in the depressing singalongs. Second choice would be to live in a caravan in a field.

  3. We have a neighbor, the old bat, who hates the smell of cow manure! Another family of neighbors are third generation dairy farmers and they clean out the barn and put the manure in an empty field of theirs. Instead of taking another route to the transfer station/ dump, the old bat has to go by the dairy farm. We live in a village of 1200 I have no idea what the old bat was expecting. This ain’t NYC!