Wednesday 12 July 2023


Where does it go , i seem to be getting up at the crack of dawn and dropping into bed at 10 and ive gone in 30 seconds , at least the tyranny of watering everything is taking a rest for a few days due to the thunderstorms . I need to find a cheap replacement for himselfs garden gazebo that he likes to sit under, a dust devil off the fields  mangled it and took a couple of branches off the big sycamore at the front the other day ...bleedin weird weather 

The gardens finally sprung to life weve had 2 strawberries but the plants are throwing dozens of runners , the birds ate the few raspberries im hoping the autumn ones fill the gap, but ive still some in the freezer from the glut last year . The third lot of broadbeans have yielded a couple of pods , most of the bush beans never germinated . The fruit trees have just a few visable but they glutted last year so not surprised . On a plus note the corn cauliflowers cabbage and squash are doing well so plenty of veg for the winter . 

Ive also got a big patch of his scrapyard  to add to the garden , he promises me it will be cleared by the end of the holidays  ho ho ho , we shall see . Im not holding my breath . 

Out in the real world , groceries are still unpredictable , im working from the winter wish list and strangely the hardest thing to find was nutmeg  , no idea why it had vanished locally so had to order on line . The new season sweet potatoes are starting to appear . very small and oddly shaped but still around the £1 mark , the huge ones are to hard for me to cut and he gets a moan on when im power sawing veg up

So thats my boring life at the moment eat sleep and garden , what are you all up to? 

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  1. Watching the blood red sun and seeing ash fall from the sky. Apparently a great deal of the province is either on fire or was on fire. I go out early in the morning to make sure all the fruit and veg are watered...usually only every second day due to restrictions. Most of the garden is coming along in spite of a cool spring, and now hot with no rain to speak of. I am wondering if it will take on a smoky taste, like they are complaining about the wine grapes down south . Hopefully not. Right now I am inside with the air purifier going full tilt and doing some sewing and mending. I also have some garlic scapes to process and supper to deal with. Hubby has gone fishing, but I am sure he will be hacking and coughing all night because of a day in the smoke. It really is quite apocalyptic out there right now. Take care