Tuesday, 25 January 2022


 So having managed to keep himself home for another week and avoid our plague ridden hospital. Mr Bah Humbug has stolen my big project , daughter had got her friend to drop off a huge dolls house in bits that had been lurking in her friends garage for years . It infested my living room for a couple of weeks boxes and boxes of it . Her plan had been to flog it online but on looking at the fact that it was broken filthy and even immaculate modern dolls houses of this size are worthless she asked if i wanted it to break for spares . its  totally the wrong scale to be any use to me for that. So i decided to build it up and have a think of what to do with it . The cat has currently claimed it . Other half however is in love and has taken to doing it up on his good days, however this means i have to sit with him and be his hands , he has the shakes and mine keep swelling up so its going well....lol  However the problem is that he wants to throw money at the project where i would over the course of the summer picked up bits and bobs on my travels , all my crafts and hobbies cost me pennies . So it ended in an argument and hes off in a huff looking at kits that cost 100s that can be his project ...ho hum do i never learn.

Meanwhile mumsie is sending me round the bend , she is very perky at the moment . She had to go to the hospital for her eyes yet again , but the appointment was for a Saturday . The ambulance car picked her up as we have finally got them to provide transport for her having pointed out she lives alone and is 87 and partially sighted . They get to the hospital only to find its in darkness and theres nobody at the clinic so her driver potters off to find out whats going on , then another old dear is delivered for the same thing . So after much discussion it turns out they dont have clinics on a Saturday at this hospital they should be at another hospital miles away but that clinic is cancelled . So out of the goodness of his heart the actual consultant is going to come down and see them after hes finished his rounds but it may be a while . She had to wait a couple of hours but at least she got her injections .  Her comment on speaker phone so my other half heard this .... Filthy foreigner with a germ riddled turban , why hasnt he been sent back with all those Polish .  Other half commented its folks like her make you ashamed to be British .


  1. My ex MIL was extremely racist, she loved foreign travel but complained about the amount of foreigners abroad.

  2. In my experience it's pointless explaining my intentions and why because of course they know it all-and I shouldn't laugh about your mother but I did -I dread to think what she'd say of me having an Italian dad-I remember though when my mum told her mother she was courting him she wasn't happy - but she did grow to love him and the were later close x

  3. I feel your pain. My mother also complained about a hijab and I swear that she lived 18 months instead of the three that they thought she had left just to spite the doctor.