Sunday 6 February 2022


 Meanwhile in the real world , just really busy at the moment , having to be Mr BHs hands consumes a lot of time hes still pottering on doing dolls house furniture , with much swearing and throwing stuff everywhere . Then when i get him settled down he can spend hours trawling ebay telling me what i need , then i just yes dear and ignore him , everything he spots costs money that i dont have and i will get it how i want with bits and pieces for pennies eventually .  Plus i have my leg warmer project just awaiting magnet closures that i had to order again because ive lost the first lot i ordered . Gardening season is due to start and my assistant informed me hes coming for the whole of half term , so at least me and the munchkin will be busy . though i may be mainly supervising 

The world around us becomes a more depressing place every day , The daftness in the Ukraine , that supposedly Liz Truss is going over to resolve . That should give Putin a giggle , i think he does as he likes and laughs at us all . Not content with holding the world to ransom over his gas reserves this latest sabre rattle has more to do with the Ukraine being the breadbasket of Europe than any political cause . Meanwhile our lovely Tory government will be rubbing their hands together in glee at the arms sales made whatever the outcome . 

Then we have the Carrie bashing , yet another dead cat story?  Or is he planning on replacing her with his latest squeeze ? Got sick of her organic nappies drying on the bannisters? Or is his bunny boiler missus planning to chop his bits off having got wind of yet another indiscretion .

Then theres this bleedin daft idea of giving every household a 200 quid loan to pay for their fuel , you just know theres a catch and they would make a profit from it somehow .  Someone figured it out , the loan is compulsory to every household BUT it must be repayed by every household , so households not formed yet will also have the payments clawed back despite not having received the  original money . So every newbuild or flats converted from empty office buildings will be profit . Crafty gits till the bitter end 


  1. 100% agree - the world's gone to shit!

  2. I'm worried about using my heating now-I don't know what's coming next x

  3. It's crazy times, that's for sure.

  4. regarding your comment on the male knitter, I just thought it was lovely and it made my day, lol
    As you know Tom does crochet and tapestry, (well he did) he's not up for much now, sleeps most of the time and has lost an enormous lot of weight. Not sure how much longer he can keep going but we take each day.
    My eldest son has had a go at crochet as well.
    Good on your Grandson.