Tuesday 22 February 2022

World of Confusion

Do you get the impression that Boris and his evil cohorts are flying round doing diplomacy wearing a Buy Your Arms Here tee shirts?  A war brewing must be seen as a big money spinner for many of his financiers . The funding of the Tories has a big chunk of roubles involved so despite our pretty neutral status due to leaving the EU its not our backside having to watch itself from a kicking from Mr Putin anybody would think this had been planned many years ahead ?

So in the real world it does appear we may be heading back to the realms of more DWP wars in this household , last year we submitted our renewal for PIP the disability cost part of Mr Bah Humbugs payments its a whole £27 a week as we are on the lowest rates , so at least this time if this all goes tits up we shant be left with nothing to live on but it will cause untold problems with everything from keeping a roof over our heads to being able to travel for his appointments . After telling us the assessment had been cancelled due to Covid they promptly a month later told us it had to be done straight away , i filled it in back in June last year all 600 pages plus including all his medical records , letters from consultants etc , they acknowledged it back in September , then in December they wrote to say was he still applying ? i rang and they told me he was in the queue and it could be some months . The other day i got a letter to say my carers allowance being stopped due to the end of his claim ? Spoke to the carers team who are pretty good , they informed me that because his claim hadnt been processed it would stop unless the DWP told them otherwise .  So once again we had to speak to the realms of the dead known as the DWP after a shocking 2 hours trying to get through the security and hold system we finally got to speak to a human and had to go through the whole security randomness again . To be told yes the renewal was in the system but there is a huge backlog and it could be at least another 6 months before it progresses  but they will speak to carers and stick 6 months on the case . I then asked what happens if they once again reject his claim and we have to go to tribunal again ? I will at that point be expected to pay back the whole six months carers as a lump sum....here we go again , i suppose a year of my life without been in debt to the DWP is to much to look forward to? Im not sure how the scroungers manage it , we can never seem to get a penny ahead 

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  1. Hugs. It's like they can't see that it's real people being affected. Good luck.