Sunday 13 February 2022

munchkin tale

 This lovely tale of my grandson was passed to me by one of my spies . Back in the day sex education in schools was a bit odd , ours consisted of a nun ,a box of bananas and endless embarrassment, with a long lecture on keeping your knees firmly together and letting nobody past your knicker elastic . Because boys only want one thing and it was your duty to god to stop them getting it . Totally baffling as it was never explained what the one thing was . One of the older girls who was getting the one thing from one of the school bus drivers explained to our horror . The boys were taken away to watch films on venereal diseases that probably scarred them for life . These days it would seem that they have special trained sex educators that are invited in to teach a mixed class , so my grandson who has a gob on him and is a know it all sat through the film the slides and being a clever little so and so  it got to the question and answer bit . He promptly chimes up with ...So what do gays do ?  Now in the normal scheme of things a teacher would just tell him to shut up , but not this seasoned sex educator of whom i am deeply proud . She was prepared and had a whole very graphic set of explanatory diagrams and booklets and even a little film that the whole class had to sit and squirm through . He is now an expert and is getting the piss ripped out of him at school . What he hadnt forseen was that granny and grandad are really enjoying half term with him , his grandad keeps going on and on about lubrication and you can see the panic because hes not quite certain that we know and hes desperate for his mum not to find out ...


  1. That is soooo funny. Some teachers are just too tough to mess with.

  2. Your Grandson sounds a very bright young man - you must be very proud of him-I had no sex education at school apart from looking at a black and white diagram of a willy in a book during a biology lesson-my mum said nothing either apart from "don't get pregnant-your dad will go mad" (during 1970s)x