Tuesday 26 October 2021


 So in our latest bloody good idea  we have the jolly good wheeze of shoving all the overflow shit into the rivers and seas , this does have to happen from time to time in the event of severe flooding . but water companies will no longer have to be fined for it happening . So of course they will do it more and more for  profits.  Well if most of the public can see this then why the curious parliamentary blindness ? Could it possibly be the large donations made to a certain party ?  Then joy of joy we are importing human excrement from the netherlands to spray as fertilizer , well being a country dweller i can tell you that most anything is better than the chicken shit sprayed by Dyson farms , it makes your eyes sting your lungs burn and is like no other sprayed shit for lingering it can be smelt for miles . currently they spray it before they plant winter cover crops, they then spray with weed killer in the Spring then plant endless maize for bio fuel the maize leeches all the nutrients from the soil but its very profitable .  Yet another cracking green policy from our Leaders .  They do say that anything over one side of an A4 sheet is all Boris will read , but our Glorious Leader reader managed to read the Brexit stuff he signed didnt he?


  1. Just read that thousands of sea creatures have been washed up dead in UK, looks like there will be more to come then. I give up.

    1. i do wonder if they will change the world map to give the UK a large brown outline?