Wednesday 15 June 2022

Onwards and ?

 So i got up early and cut our huge very long front hedge this morning i was finished by half past 8 ive just abandoned the clippings till someone takes pity and clears them up or more likely i do them at dusk . gooseberries to pick shortly they are laden this year , may have to freeze them we dont eat much jam now .

ive left an awful lot of bids at the auction this month , tiny bids i will be amazed if i win anything and buggered if i won them all , but the charity shop would benefit. im positively full of beans this morning not sure how long it will last so have to make the most of it

For those who question why i stay with my other half i believe you commit to better or worse and in sickness and health . you dont just walk away , you get on with it . theres no help for himself other than his transfusions hes 3 months overdue now and hes a nightmare , nasty snide and snappy , not sleeping then overestimating what he can manage . ive got the challenge of trying to sort out whats going on later , with our ever helpful GPs. our gps doesnt belong to this company but another one equally as bad !!

so thats the coffee break over with ive gooseberries to pick bushes to prune and a mountain of mending for the afternoon with some really bad TV during the heat of the day . The Horror channel has a lot of Hammer and bad 70s films on and im loving them .


  1. Mine's got rheumatoid arthritis and has good days and bad - but mentally he's not coping-and looks like a walking skeleton -plus he's retired and bored-He refuses to claim anything and struggles and snaps at me for breathing-I'm tempted to divorce him but for now I'm singing and dancing in the rain-and ignoring as much as I choose x

  2. Sending hugs, and a lot of respect

  3. My husband has been intolerant all of his life and he’ll never change and he doesn’t have the illnesses that yours has to cope with. Good job I married him for his sense of humour and have learnt ignore the moods and intolerance. Those who say you should leave just don’t understand. You do an amazing job. Xx