Friday, 17 June 2022


 Hottest day so far so i thought id better check on Mummy Dearest , she was in fine form . like most lizard people she loves the heat . After shed finished her main rant and was drawing breath i managed to get a word in edgeways . It would seem cause for concern has been raised by a neighbor with Social Services and she ended up with a visit from the Social Workers , she did make them sit in the garden in the glaring heat while she cuddled her air conditioner in the conservatory bless her . She has refused to tell them where we live and our phone numbers , she doesnt want to see us at all . She is perfectly lucid just somewhat blind at the moment . which if she will just pay can be quickly resolved in one eye , so i wasted my breath and told her not to be so stupid . It would also seem that a complaint has been put in about her useless GPs and for the first time in 3 years a doctor is going to do a home visit  on Monday .  Social services i think crapped themselves they have been notified about her so many times and done jack diddly squat about anything . She says that they didnt like it when she told them that physically shes fine its just her eyesight is the problem . Plus last week she got lost on her trip to the hospital because she couldnt see the numbers on the buses it takes 5 changes to get to the hospital and sometimes she can get ambulance transport and sometimes not , She ended up in the wrong town and a very nice gentleman in a turban chucked her back on the right bus . She also told them she wasnt paying for a daily carer to come in because she can do her own cooking and cleaning just fine . Then she tell me she managed to lock herself in the garage the other day because she hadnt put the door up far enough and had to sit there till her neighbour came home and she could shout him . Just for fun i explained about managed decline , so the GP will hate me when he visits . So long as her drinks cabinet is full she'll survive  pickled and shrinking into herself as most of the females in our family do . Taking no notice of anyone and doing as she pleases is her motto at the moment and frankly i dont blame her at 89 


  1. Hugs. I had a great aunt who survived on sweets, cigarettes and sherry - lots of sherry. She terrorised the family, her work place and the local GP. She had the exquisite knack of finding a weak spot and using the perfect, innocent-sounding comment to destroy you. She lived into her 90s. All we could do was take deep breaths and share the stories. It's tough.

  2. My Grandmother was born in 1904, lived to be 95, and was an awkward and poisonous bitch on almost every one of her days!
    She truly was a narcissistic woman, absolutely beautiful looking, my mum looked just like her, I, sadly, look like my father!
    She was obsessively jealous, even trying to make my wedding day all about her, until I pulled her up short!
    I will give her credit for being desperately in love with my son, who was born when she was 83, she genuinely did love the very bones of him, nobody knows why, she just did!
    She smoked from her teens until her late eighties, and drank like a fish for almost all her life. My mum was the eldest of four children, and she raised them alongside their dad, 'Dolly' was almost always blotto!
    She was grizzling at me once that she'd be dead soon, and I said , "We'll have to shoot you in the end, you're so well preserved, pickled and smoked"! She did actually find that funny! She also lasted another nine years after it was said! They're really hard work sometimes aren't they?!