Monday 13 May 2019


This is a bit better isnt it glorious sunshine all weekend , probably wont last....Days fishing yesterday , I even took of my coat , so its officially summer now , got lots of sewing done , he didnt catch loads but hes in a right state today.  So now i have a mardy grumpy old toss pot to put up with ..ho hum
Lots of garden chores to be getting on with but i will pace myself and do a little bit come in and do housechores in between , already pulled out tons of cleavers from  the raspberries . Come in scrubbed the loo , you know the kind of day .
Went out to the wilderness of Bassingham for a jumble sale Saturday , nice calm little Jumble , came out with a book a jug and a couple of bits of clothing for the fabric ..i never change .  But i have noticed theres more and more stuff at Jumble Sales that is brand new and tagged , very strange .
Popped into Metheringham car boot early yesterday on the way to fishing , bought a plant , and a couple of books that i finished reading at fishing .
Useful son has to move back on to the sofa this week if his flat isnt ready , it needed repairs it seems , but at least it gives him a chance to sort through all the stuff thats stored here . We have found out why the flat was cheap the staircase is so narrow he will struggle to get stuff up there ..hes not to bothered he has a laundrette within a hundred yards , and he uses a microwave more than a cooker , just has to measure any furniture before he buys any bits .
Lifes boring and relatively quiet at the morning it makes a change , just a tax demand to cheer me up today ...thats life


  1. The sun always makes everything a little bit better, long may it last.

  2. Glad you've got some sunshine to enjoy.

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