Tuesday 7 May 2019


Theres something about Bank Holiday Weekends brings out the best in this house , munchkin sitting duties since thursday .  Saturday night Mr Bah Humbug managed to fall out of bed somehow , then couldnt wake me up , he woke the rest of the house up but i didnt hear a thing , so now hes lecturing everyone within earshot about what a shit carer i am ..lol , he was telling his mate yesterday who said , did he ever consider that im knackered from looking after him . The blank expression said it all .
Hes black and blue but he'll live and hes sleeping well due to the industrial painkillers.
Just to make matters even more fun the munchkin got a stomach bug that he passed on to me, so now im even more shattered,  up since 5 trying to catch the washing mountain up, drinking tons of cuppas just so i can tackle the deep clean of the wetroom I just threw a load of towels and bedding in there at 2am , cant do with MR BH catching this . I was supposed to be at the doctors today so i will ring them and cancel .
so this weekend ive not been far , missed the Jumble and popped into Woodhall first thing to get some bread and milk and it was the Bowls Club Car Boot at 8am it was very quiet so i toddled round and spent a whole £1 on a cross stitch kit , its all very middle class pensioners , really good quality stuff at rock bottom prices , by half past 8 it was heaving and i was heading home .
So the munchkins now stuck at home with granny for a couple of days , they have to be off school for so many days if theyre sick , so if were both a bit more alive tomorrow i have a garden slave..lol


  1. I hope you feel better soon Kate, I have seen that blank look on my beloved face too. They have no concept of anything beyond their own needs do they.
    Mine was in a grump be cause I wouldn't go and get him some chocolate, I'd just walked 3 miles, why didn't he ask before before I went.

    1. because the dots in their heads dont quite join up ...but we love the annoying buggers

  2. I hope you get over that bug soon Kate. I had it last week and it knocked me for six.

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