Friday 31 May 2019


Heres an odd tale for you . we sold Mr BHs old chariot on ebay , hes had to have an upgrade due to his weight ..ho hum
It sold in minutes and they came to pick it up yesterday , lovely couple in much the same boat as us , shes physically not to good and her husband is a very sprightly older gentleman. She was impressed at the number of chairs round the garden to help MR BH get around , she also can get about but only short distances . I was chatting to her other half as the boys were showing her how to get round on the chariot and he was telling me her horror story . His wife ended up in care 15 years ago after a fall ,  on the grounds of having dementia and poor mobility , he and his sons had tried to get her home for years but resigned themselves to  her remaining  in her very nice care home, it shut early this year and his wife quite literally arrived on his doorstep in an ambulance. Social services stated that her care needs could be better met at home.  She had to have a full reassessment so that they could allocate her a new care place ,  It turns out she didnt have dementia at all it was the side effects of her drug regime !!  As he said she was always a bit dippy and sarcastic and he and her sons kept asking why she wasnt getting any worse but nobody was answering the questions at the care home . Social Services and her Doctors just kept saying it was the best place for her etc etc .
When he went to the loo she was telling me its all a bit strange , theyre courting again as she put it . He visited her 3 times a week and got on with his life .  He panics and she wants to be out and about all the ..after all whats the worst that can happen ?

So thats my scary tale , makes you wonder how many people end up in care for no reason due to drug side effects and an odd sense of humour .....Bloody Scary 


  1. My Mother did!! I had to fight and go to Crown Court but got her out after 3 years. The judge was disgusted at how this case had gone from bad to horrifying!(She lived until she was 98)I would never trust social services with ANYTHING...

  2. What a frightening world we live in.

  3. well .....pmsl , do follow the link best laugh ive had in ages

  4. Would she have remained there for the rest of her days if the care home hadn't closed? Just shows the power that some people/authorities have over our lives. A scarey thought indeed.

    Reminds me of the many young girls who were admitted to psychiatric hospitals, by their families, when they became pregnant. I worked in one such hospital and there was a patient called Dorothy, who must have been in her 60s and I was told that she was the illigitimate baby of one such unfortunate girl. Dorothy had been in there all her life and there wasn't anything wrong with her. She had never been discharged because she had become institutionalised. She would never survive in the outside world.

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  6. At the other end of the scale there are people who need to be in full time care but who can't get funding. In the newspaper this week - an elderly gentleman who's sadly been languishing in hospital for seven months after being told he was able to be discharged. The reason why he's still in hospital? The NHS and the local Council have been in dispute over which of them should contribute to his care costs. In dispute for seven months! Disgusting how our elderly are treated in this country (England)

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