Friday 8 March 2024

Seen It All

 So i was forced to go to town because i needed to treat myself for mothers day , himself wanted to go for a meal and we ended up at the usual Brewers Fayre  himself loved it  , i just had some wedges and the most cold  rock hard club sandwich i had to force down , it had three crumbs of chicken and three miniscule bits of transparent bacon, lashings of nasty mayo and a hot fried egg tossed on the top a slice of tomato and a load of salad leaves . URGGGGGGG himself started kicking off because i was struggling to eat it and the toast had been microwaved and had gone rock hard and rubbery . It was a shame because its always clean and the staff are lovely . But i was ungrateful because he had taken me out for Mothers Day . He then took me to the garden center , i really took my time wandering round just to get away from him , basket on arm i was people watching to kill time and let him calm down . I noticed a very smart older gentleman in the delicatessen part , always worth a wander to look for yellow stickers  he picked up a couple of bottles of wine and we carried on meandering for the dead plant section right at the very back near the bins where they have now hidden it , im rooting through the dead stuff but they havent exactly marked the dead stuff down and i notice hes sat on the edge of one of the raised beds , he takes a bottle of wine out of his basket opens it and glugs the whole thing down and pops the empty among the plants , then he does the same with the other bottle , looks at me and smiles and strolls away . I was gobsmacked ..well at least thats one way to get round the security tags.  I didnt buy a thing so himself was not amused, but at least i got a glimpse of the secret life of pensioners 

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  1. How enterprising of the gentleman - I will keep that in mind x