Friday 23 February 2024

Prep Weird Stuff

 So here we go , one of my sad blog posts on the subject of prepping just to bore you all to death Now Mr Bah Humbug is all of a panic because theres a shortage of fishing hooks because they are all made in China and fishing bait is also getting very expensive in fact most hobby stuff is getting scarcer , i noticed that glue of various types is getting a bit thin on the ground the other day , but im not to worried i have mountains of craft stuff gleaned from my travels and im good at improvising anyway , do you remember making flour and water glue for scrapbooks many years ago? 

We had plums that ive bottled this week in a huge crumble that lasted for 3 days , asparagus from the freezer and carrot and swede mash as well , this was the time of year i had stored it all for , it just adds to the variety in our diets theres not a lot of fresh fruit and veg in a village with no shop and an overpriced community market for the wealthy . Seed potatoes were bought early and they seem to be vanishing quickly from the garden centers , theres tons of onion sets about so i picked up a mixed bag , the garden is still waterlogged and flooded but the kale is having a bit of a fit so i need to make some green powder in the dehydrator . I need to split loads of plants into pots just because there is talk of condemning the house we are in  , so thats yet another worry , they have a duty to rehouse us but it may well be in a tower block so im hoping to drag it out till harvest , we have to be careful that they dont put you in a B&B because theres no escape from them , thankfully him selves disability doesnt make it easy for them to get us out . Who knows what they will do the builders refusing to work on the house  has caused a big stink  and somebody locally has been on the TV about their ceiling collapsing and hit a family member so they need to do something 


  1. I've got problems commenting. Google won't let me sing in to comment on blogs, but I can sign in to write to my own blog. And many times I can't comment on blogs even if they allow anonymous comments. I've no idea what's going on.
    I have stored rice and veg oil, because they are imported and if there's another vessel stuck in Suez channel we'll never get those. Someone said there will be tea shortage - well I have enough teas to keep me for at least five more years, and during that time I might learn how to ferment/dry/prepare herbs and leaves to get something slightly liking to black tea. Luckily I do not drink coffee.
    Your house seems to be more and more horrible, but I can't see you being settled in a flat...

  2. What an awful situation with your house. I hope you can be rehoused in something that is suitable for your needs or at least is wind and watertight. Catriona