Friday 5 April 2024


grumpy old woman post............... Told you my dealings with the doctors were getting worse . so i trailed out for my health lecture on tuesday , get  there after 3 detours diue to a water main collapse, resurfacing and homeless and lonely traffic lights in the middle of nowhere just parked in the road !!! I then have to sit in the plague riddled  waiting room for an hour, full of coughing kids and old blokes with a death rattle.  To be told they are changing my medication yet again !!! Some new wonder drug that they licensed for heart failure thats done wonders for those with type 2 diabetes , im not allowed to drive for at least two weeks till it kills me , she hands me a booklet telling me the tablets may rot my skin off , my pee may become acid and i may have blackouts ...oh be joyful ...then she starts lecturing me on my sex life ?  baffled by this stage , i pointed out it was a vague memory at which point she said oh your a lesbian? Now ive so far had three days of splitting headaches , my psoriasis is itching so i want to rip off my skin , im dizzy every time i stand up and my blood sugar is going up . Two weeks of this should be fun im currently sat on a carrier bag waiting for my fanny to fall out ? 


  1. Ain't life grand, I hope things improve for you.

  2. Is it dapagliflozin, or empagliflozin? (both virtually the same drug, one happens to be cheaper than the other). I'm on the empa, it's fine, does make your wee stronger and wee tests show up as you having a ton of sugar in your wee....well yes, that's the point of the drug, it sucks the sugar out of your blood and makes you wee it out. You must drink plenty of water or else you might get a UTI. Otherwise, I've had no problems with it, been on it for couple of years. Good luck!