Tuesday 16 April 2024


Once again the new tablets made me a tad ill for a few days , theyve settled now but appear to be doing nothing  whatsoever for the problem they are supposed to miraculously cure , cant wait for the inevitable phone call from a medical professional telling me im not taking them , its such a regular occurrence i expect it ..lol

Anyway lets look at the edited highlights of the world news , was it just last week that the Israelis killed the British security team looking after aid workers , news for 3 days and now gone from our eyes , plus four aid workers of various nationalities, they had an enquiry sacked a couple of folks probably gave them each a medal and moved them to another spot to accidentally kill more folks.

Then it would seem there was a fair bit of rioting in London this weekend , didnt happen did it? well at least not in the major press outlets . How long can they keep taking no notice of the voting public ? Just dont mention the war seems to be the motto . Then the RAF are knocking Iranian drones out of the sky in our name ? What an utter shit show the world is at the moment , how the hell they think they can hide everything in the days of the internet is beyond me , just look beyond the BBC and the Daily Mail its all out there along with an endless supply of utter rubbish , but the truth is somewhere and its all very unpleasant   


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