Sunday 15 August 2021


 The petty annoyances of life , waddling about doing chores last night and im in a heap on the floor , bane of my life ive twanged the tendons in my good leg and im squealing on the floor , ive had this since i was a kid , nobody has ever managed to find anything wrong with it , its just another bleedin nuisance ailment to add to my list . AAARRGGHHH  it is much better this morning now ive got moving . So long as i dont rest for more than 10 minutes i can walk and get on with my jobs , then it twangs again and i cant move till it releases . I can remember being a kid and getting one hell of a slapping for being a drama queen as i was screaming and rolling around on the floor outside Finefare  back in the 70s . Getting the hissed under her breath bollocking from Mummy Dearest about embarrassing her in public yet again. I suppose she trained me well , i dont scream but i do epic swearing when this happens once in a blue moon . Im still getting reminded by my mother that i was such an embarrassment to her as a child in fact i think she mentioned that i still owe her the bus fair home because kicking me up the street hadnt got me to walk on that leg .  Once happened in the middle of a hockey match and i got put in the back of an ambulance and taken to hospital where they informed me there was nothing wrong with it on the x rays  therefore i must as a fat kid be faking it to get out of games . Ho hum 50 odd years later it does this every once in a while must be a couple of years since the last time . I suppose i could Ask GP but its just taken 5 weeks for other half to get on to it to ask for a medication review , it now comes online at 8.30 am and by 8.45 the system is full and thats it for the day beggers belief .


  1. You must have the patience of a Saint-You always brush yourself down and get on with your day-I admire you-I'm sure I'd curl up in a heap and sob-and I don't have the health problems that you deal with continually of you and your beloved-It sounds like you should apply for a carers allowance for yourself-I've heard of 2 people in the same house can claim(not sure its correct though)-don't let the b******s get you down x

    1. bless.. i think im just to stubborn to give up, my petty annoyances healthwise are put in perspective by Mr BHs impressive list of stuff that can kill you