Sunday 8 August 2021


 What to do on a Sunday ? Well im currently praying for rain , in the vain hope im not carted off to the car show that useful son and Mr BH wish to attend . I would much sooner potter round the garden and sort through my hidden heaps of fabric  with a view to the quilt daughter wants for xmas ..aaarrggghhh i need to get started with my hands playing up it will take time . Daughter came to pick munchkin up on Friday becuase he didnt want to miss gym and park run on Saturday morning , we will collect him after hospital on Monday , hes useful for all manor of garden tasks though ive had to put of getting the big shredder i had saved for due to himself and his buying a trike antics.  Ive also found out because he carelessly left the letter lying around , that despite claiming that the vascular surgeon says there is nothing up with him , he is in fact somewhat up shit creak without a paddle and this is why himself has stopped me dealing with the medical side of stuff and is behaving like a desperate teenager with a lottery win . In my urge to be pleasant and due to the fact that im not feeling particularly supportive at the moment , i pointed out that i would be getting a very big skip if he snuffs it and every bit of radio equipment and rusty crap would be gone in days , because he shouldnt keep kidding himself that the kids are the slightest bit interested in the shit he hoards , they would just do the same with everything of mine ive no illusions .  Ive also ordered a new much bigger freezer just to empty the bank account , the seal is going rapidly on our old one and for the cost of a new seal for it i might as well get a new frost free one and bankrupt us , there is a stunning silence on the subject , usually hed be desperately searching the small ads and auctions for a cheap replacement . not a word , not sure if this is because he thinks he would fit in the freezer . In all the years we have been together i have never been so annoyed with him as i am at the moment .


  1. There is no need to pray for rain here it hasn't stopped for weeks . I am not surprised you are fed up with your other halfs antics . Keep your chin up and best of luck.

  2. In my case when he sees I'm ignoring his nonsense after me not elaborating why(for which my usual response to his moods is me trying to help him)he seems quite disoriented and goes quiet for a while which I enjoy-You need a large freezer and so does he so you can all benefit from storing food so you can then eat reasonably cheaply and living in the countryside it is necessity x