Thursday 5 August 2021

Tad Slack

 I feel as if im rather neglecting you all at the moment , endless bother with himself , yesterday he was screaming at me because he had run out of his prescription  and i had hidden or lost it , didnt make a deal of difference as it was the one tablet we have in common so he could use them till we sorted the matter . It turned out he had ordered them three weeks ago but not told me so they hadnt been collected ...ho hum do i get an apology ?  nope its all my fault .  Every day is like this at the moment , its like a war of attrition and its damned hard work . Im not sure if its the extra stress of our latest dealings with the DWP or if he may have had another mini stroke , i cant even get in touch with the doctors on his behalf  because hes gone online and cancelled my access ..AARRGGHHHH plus our doctors is online only still or the witch at the window , who just repeats her mantra i cant do anything you must use ask GP . Grandson is staying and he just looks on in disbelief as the ranting at me starts , it is specifically all aimed at me at least thats one thing . Im trying to be more proactive and have posted a big list of useful phone numbers on the fridge , which started another rant .  There are still no support workers in this area and social services arent interested till they have to pick up the pieces .  i just really need a break from it all and theres nothing on the horizon .


  1. Think you are neglecting yourself more than anyone tbh - time for a little bit of me time if that is ever possible in your busy life. I have a rule in our house when ranting gets too a crescendo where I say 'the complaints department is closed' and I just switch off, don't listen/speak - it's sort of empowering - try it :)

  2. Oh my goodness, doesn't sound good. Hope you can get help from somewhere

  3. I've seen people in similar situations simply take the elderly person to an emergency room and abandon them. That way the powers that be have to take action.

    Drastic measure for sure but sometimes its the only way to get help

  4. I have a similar situation here unfortunately-the man upstairs-I spend as much time as possible busy busy and have turned a deaf ear recently-he asked if I was deaf and I replied "possibly"-I think some of them turn into big ugly babies-his mother wasn't maternal At all with him and I'm sodding not going to be any longer either-I'm far too busy caring for my dogs or outside when he's inside or busy elsewhere-or a headache-they can really affect your health and then what will happen-You Have to put Yourself First'cos some of them rant whatever you do x

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