Friday 30 July 2021


 I was tipped off by sarcastic son that Mr BH was up to something the other day , he had seen my dearly beloved counting a big stack of notes while i was out . Not saying anything i checked the safe only to find it empty . This is the emergency rent fund for when they stop all our funds yet again which we have been awaiting since March , this has took some saving all through Covid . So i made a few enquiring calls to his usual suspect mates and BIL . I wasnt surprised to find that he was organising the troops to pick up a trike this weekend !!  Why does he convince himself  he can ride again ? His health isnt getting better we are at various hospitals every week yet again , what the hell is he thinking ? We live in a scrapyard of scooters and bikes he thinks are valuable now, what the fuck was he doing ?  I had pencilled in this weekend for a major argument and major sulk only to find him chucking stuff about yesterday and cussing . It would seem somebody beat him there with the cash . Oh dear what a shame.  Then i got the whole saga of how if he fixed this trike he could have made a huge profit on it ...really ? he cant even walk to his workshop and the weeds are 6ft high around it.  So now i have to put up with a major sulk for weeks and he has informed me he will find a trike on the internet somewhere ...AAARRRGGHH 


  1. That's just not on, taking money earmarked for rent. He's in cloud cuckoo land. I'd leave him for that.

  2. I know it's not nice to say this but does he need some mental health assistance-I know someone well who likes to organise financial matters but I think at times they may be lapsing in and out of reality-I think it may only be time before a doctor will need to be consulted-which won't be pretty x

    1. I'm thinking you are right. It could even be a form of dementia.

      I think she should just call a scrap dealer and the sell the junk.

  3. its the result of the mild strokes he had and the seizures from his drug treatment episode , so no hes not completely all there a lot of the time. Nothing i can do to change that , but at times hes bleedin crafty ..

  4. Well I think you are doing great-I expect you have to be just one step ahead of him without him being aware x