Thursday 1 July 2021


 Im feeling very lazy , i think ive just dodged the shingles bullet this time , all the usual is it isnt it symptons except the rash im really hoping that boosting my B12 with milk keffir is doing the trick . On the subject of milk keffir heres what triggered the idea .  Now my mother guzzles those little bottles of Actimal like theres no tommorrow she has diverticulat and ibs  , meanwhile like most things they give me terrible gut pain and the runs , so being bored i did a bit of research and found milk keffir something that is basically fermented milk , now it would seem this is one of those trendy items you get in the supermarket with weird fruit flavours and a big dent in your pocket , so at £4 a tiny bottle i tried one , disliked the ghastly weird fruit flavour but it did seem to calm my ever irritable bowel . So back to research , and i found a fermented food seller on ebay that had a good write up that sold the starter to make it at home and my little pack  wasnt long in coming , so now i have Kevin the kilner jar sat on the draining board , growing a mug of milk keffir every day , you can make it with skimmed milk and it turns to a yogurt like drink that you strain out and leave the curds to fester in fresh milk for tomorrow. Now it is notorious for bunging people up, but for those of us with the opposite problem this stuff is rather wonderful so long as you eat before taking it in the morning and never take it before bed ???  not sure if you turn into a gremlin if you do  , couldnt find the answer to that one anywhere . It can be made with nut milks if you have lactose intolerance. and there is even a different strain that can be made with plain water. There are all sorts of odd and unusual health claims all over the net , its supposed to help with diabetes control , help with weight loss etc etc , not sure about this but it has helped with the post viral lethargy symptoms so might be worth a try if  you need a vitamin boost    


  1. I'm glad you found something that helps.

    1. So am I , they have closed most public toilets for good around here

  2. I discovered fermented food last year and they are amazing. Not sure whether I would fancy fermented milk but I make a mean kombucha and sauerkraut

    1. its just a rather yogurt type drink they do say it makes nice overnight oats.

    2. Oats are banned on my Keto diet. The food bank will be getting a lot of porridge and pasta from me.

  3. It's a lot cheaper from Polish or Eastern European shops if you have one near you

    1. the only shop within 15 miles is the Coop , keffir hasnt reached them yet

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