Monday, 12 July 2021


 Well i sort of went into the garden and lost a week thats my only excuse for not being here , between that and the endless hospital and dr stuff we are mixed up in at the moment , then theres yet more fun with the DWP ...ho hum  yeah i guess im just a lazy blogger at the moment . So being up since 3am ive managed to fit this in . The motto of the story is dont let yourself be bullyed into eating a slice of pizza by your partner . I have to say its been a beautiful sunrise , our very noisy magpie family are cackling happily they have just one young one this year and its now fledged and very hungry . I can say it likes liver and onion gravy very much and the endless vermin the cats dump around the front door for my joyful inspection .  Though Miss Penny and her bring a mouse in for company routine is a little taxing , im sure shes just a frustrated mother , she doesnt kill them, just tries to mother them , shes so upset when i retrieve them and pop them over the road into the field . I gather himself has ordered a webcam of some kind so he doesnt have to crane his neck to watch the birds .  He plans to tell me its for my birthday  ..Getting the magpies to accept me is my new hobby i can now get within 5 feet of them and they just talk to me , their love of cat stars is winning them over slowly .

Change of topic , daft shortages . Whats the weird stuff you cant find at the moment . mine is tinned mushrooms and cat stars . I order sacks of cat stars from Amazon and its just took 2 weeks to get the order accepted , i await with interest it turning up . Tinned mushrooms is a mystery , the ever shrinking selection of tins in Lidl is a tad worrying as it will soon be stock up for winter time . I think a trip out to the tin factory may be called for 


  1. I have been struggling with tinned mushrooms too but did manage to get a couple of jars from home bargains when on the mainland. Apple slices appear to have disappeared off the shelves too.

    1. ive a whole cupbpard of tinned fruits for himself in a winter theres nothing available for miles here once weve used the apples amd pears

  2. There are going to be food shortages Kate and I am stocking up for the event. Not only food but candles batteries etc. It sounds alarmist but I really think it's coming. As you say there are certain things that are unavailable already. I only worry for my cats and have started to get extra in for them. I can see some rationing coming in the next year.
    Tom is marching on with the kit and has done over half now, it's the first time he's worked cross stitch and is enjoying it, will show when finished.
    Can't thank you enough for it. He was reluctant to buy another and on questioning him it's because he wonders if he will be here to finish it. I can understand that but who knows in the end how long any of us are here for and he could go on for ages yet.

  3. I love the sound of your Tin Factory-it must be so satisfying driving home with lots of tins ready to store away x

    1. whan you live rurally you tend to have a much bigger store cupboard than most . Had a discussion with folks about the food dessert we live in , they dont get it that frozen isnt the first choice . they take power supply for granted .

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